21 February 2011

Albums with Essex Photographer, Faith Stone Photography

One of my specialties is albums. I love designing them (after all, I do have an Associate of Art degree- I guess it's good for something!) and I love working with couples to make it perfect for them. When an album is part of a package, I predesign the album. Some photographers just leave it with the couple to choose the images for their album, but I have found this to be overwhelming for the couple. In the predesign, I work up a first draft so the couple at least has a place to start. It is designed with their budget in mind (usually in the form of a Product Credit within their package) and the knowledge that I gain while attending and witnessing their event. Some photographers farm out their album designing, but I like the personalization of doing it myself. 

Louise recently looked over her 1st draft and made some very precise and wonderful changes. I'm happy to say, it's ready to view. Every couple gets 2 sets of changes after the 1st predesign. The first set of changes are typically major and the couple takes their time with this one. The 2nd set of changes is so we can tweak anything that didn't come out just right. Of course, more changes can be made, but these first 2 are included in every album ordered. It takes a little more of my time, but it's worth it to my couples. And that's what my business is all about.

Check out the latest album draft for Louise and Ben. It's gonna be a KISS album!

Fun Essex Wedding Photography!

Getting married can be an expensive undertaking, as most of you know! A great way to save some cashola is to choose a wedding date during the week. There are discounts on almost every vendor for such a choice. This isn't the perfect decision for everyone, but if you're having a little bit more intimate wedding and you know all the perfect people will be able to join your perfect day during the week, go for it!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011 was a magical day for Keisha and Shaun. They exchanged rings at Prested Hall in Colchester, Essex. It wasn't even believable what good weather we had!

Keisha found me through a site that I advertise on. I responded to her inquiry with a rough estimate and the chance to look over my website to see if she liked my style of photography. That, I believe, is a very important start! If you don't like the photography, the price is meaningless. We scheduled a consultation and found a suitable package for them.

Turns out Shaun is in the Army. This prompted me to offer some bonuses to their package as a way of saying Thank You. Thanks to all the guys who make this country a safer and nicer place to live. Whether your in the American armed forces ('cuz I'm American,) the British armed forces or any other man or women who defends their country, hat's off to you!

On to the day: I can't even describe how much I laughed at this wedding. It was clear that everyone there was there for this couple. When I checked in with Keisha before she entered the ceremony, she was relaxed and OH SO READY to become Mrs. Wildney. While waiting for her to walk down the aisle, there was laughter and good hearted jibbing with Shaun and just the sense that everyone was relaxed and ready to have a great time. I thought to myself as I laughed along, what a great day this is going to be!

And indeed it was. For this blog post, I'm going to share more UNconventional shots that I took at this wedding. This couple is young, vibrant, alive and full of fun. Their friends and family were in the same spirit, so why not go with it? I believe I captured their day, their way.

20 February 2011

Frequently Asked Wedding Photography Questions and Anwers

1. What should I look for when choosing a wedding photographer?
     There  are 4 main things you should look for:
1st- Do you like the style of the images that the photographer is
  displaying? Can you picture yourself happily in the same
  style of images? If the answers are yes, press on!
2nd- Do you like the photographer and do you think you’ll feel
comfortable with them on your wedding day? It’s 
important that your personalities are compatible so that you
feel confident and at ease with your photographer. This 
makes for relaxed and natural images. Doing an engagement
session with them before your wedding date will not only
help you feel more comfortable in front of the camera, it will
also give a preview of what’s to come. Most of my packages
come with a free engagement session.
3rd- Think of your photography as an investment, like buying a
car or an appliance. You want your wedding memories to
  suit you and your requirements. Ask yourself what you
want in the end- an album? traditional or story book style?
artwork for your walls? digital photo frame? Does the
photographer you’re considering offer the type of keepsake
that you’re looking for?
4th- Stick to the wedding photography experts. Find out how 
much experience they have and get a contract that outlines
your expectations. Photographing weddings is unlike any
other type of photography. The day moves fast and 
typically there’s a list of  “must have” shots. Lighting 
conditions vary and posing people is an art form! An 
experienced and professional wedding photographer will be
able to handle all these variables.

2. How do I tell the difference between an amateur & a professional?
One simple test is to look closely at their work. Do the poses 
look natural and fun? Do the images look properly exposed?
Do they seem to have a good grip on design principles in their
albums? Ask them if they do photography full time. Do they have
a professional looking website? Do they have references on their
site or another site? Find out if they are a member of a
professional organisation like SWPP. Do they have any special
training or a degree? Are they insured? Do they offer a contract?

3. Why is there such a wide variety of prices among wedding photographers?
The answer to this question is largely a part of question 2. 
Wedding photography is a rather specialised field. Some
photographers design albums themselves and others contract it
out. The onset of digital is a double edged sword. More people
are getting in to wedding photography, which is great because it
gives you more choices. On the other hand, many of these new 
photographers have not yet acquired the proper tools for the job. 
This means not just equipment, but training and experience. We
now do post production ourselves, rather than a lab processing
film. Post production is a whole other set of skills and can be done 
better by some than others. There is also a great deal of products
that a photographer can offer. As with anything, some of these
are much better than others. Lasting keepsakes, like a good car, 
are worth what you pay for them. If a photographer is offering
you a price that seems too  good to be true, like anything, it
 probably is! Saving money in the short term may end up costing
you more in the long run. Again, be sure you know what you are
getting before you sign the contract!

At Faith Stone Photography, we believe your images are the most important investment of your day. Our albums are guaranteed, Faith holds an AA and an AAS in photography, has over a decade of experience, is fully insured, a member of SWPP and has award winning images. I want you to find the “right fit” photographer, even if it’s not me! The best way to find out is for us to meet and chat. Visit my website and give me a call for a complimentary consultation.

Live, Love, Laugh. I’ll take care of the memories.
Faith Stone Photography
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