21 November 2007

Charlotte and Andrew

Charlotte and Andrew were the winners of my free giveaway. I am SO excited that this couple won! They weren't going to get a professional photographer because they had previously spoken to one that was rather rude and really put them off. Like many couples out there, they thought about having a family member take some snaps for them. I think when they see these images, they'll be glad I was there. I know I am! What a great couple:) We had so much fun and that, of course, makes for great pictures. I'm still editing, but I wanted to share a couple of my favorites right away. I also want to thank Charlotte and Andrew for making me a part of their special day. The heavens looked kindly on us for a mild day of weather and Charlotte looked absolutely stunning. Andrew, of course, was as handsome as could be and in a prime state of mind! What a laugh we had! Hope you guys are having a great time on your honeymoon, and I'll speak to you soon....
Faith Stone Photography