22 June 2010

Essex Photographer Guest Book

As promised, and not to overload you on this particular wedding, but here's the long awaited images of the new Leather Craftsmen guest book that I offer. It's a 6x9 3500 Series, Cotton Candy colour with ribbon and inset image, asian rice lining and gold foil text. Of course, there are many options when you order this book, but we chose this colour to match the couples bridal colours.  LOVE my Leather Craftsmen books. If you're interested, visit their website at http://www.leathercraftsmen.com.

21 June 2010

Tolland, Somerset Wedding

For Felicity and James:

There once was a man named Jimbo,
Who was living his life in limbo.
He was handsome & smart,
And his hair had no part,
But he had no one to share his gumbo.

There once was a girl called Flea.
She was beautiful & carefree.
She would act and sing,
But she had no ring,
She needed a husband to be.

A couple called Faith and Steve,
Had a plan up their sleeve,
Take the two for a day,
With some kites have a play,
And see what they could achieve!

Three years later there came day
In a church this couple would say,
"Till death do us part"
And it came from the heart.
I just know that's how it will stay:)

13 June 2010

Roxwell, Chelmsford Wedding Photography

WOW. That's just the first thing that comes to mind when starting to blog about this wedding I had the pleasure of documenting yesterday in Roxwell, Chelmsford, Essex. WOW. What an awesome couple! And I'm not just saying that. For real. I had SOO much fun! That's when I start feeling a little guilty about loving my job so much. But then I remember how hard I've worked to get to where I am and just shoot like a rock star. Like there's no tomorrow.....

So on to the good part. Neil- well, he reminds me a little of Ben Stiller. Is that wrong? I don't know, he was just fun. And sweet, and cheeky. And a way lucky guy. 'Cuz then there's Rachel. One of the most stunning brides I've had to date. The dress was exquisite, her hair perfect, her bridesmaids ROCKED and I have to say, I nearly fell in love with her dad. Everyone was so great and full of genuine joy for this couple. I'm so happy for them and so excited to get working on these images. So here's a taster of just a few I picked out from the bunch.

07 June 2010

Essex Photographer Top Ten Tips for Better Wedding Pics

Getting married is the test of two worlds- the world of stress and the world of mega happiness. These two worlds collide on the date of your choice, or the date your favorite venue is available, whichever comes first! There's loads of advice out there and it's fun to read lots of it, some of it helpful and some of it rubbish. Hopefully these tips will be helpful!

Let's face it, I'm a photographer. So I'm biased. But I think most couples are excited by the thought that their special day will be captured by a pro that has a vision compatible with theirs and will produce images that reflect the energy, emotion and overall excitement of the day. These images are the ones you will carry with you for generations. They become an anchor to your memories of the day and convey historical moments in your life to loved ones and friends. This is one of your biggest stamps on the world! So here's a couple of tips to enhance your journey and make the most of those memories:

1.) Trying something new, like hairstyle, makeup, tanning, etc. is a fun and exciting idea. But DON'T do it on the day! Be sure to do run throughs on anything different you are doing on the day so you know how everything is going to turn out. It's fun to plan your trial hair and makeup day, perhaps in combination with your hen night or a special dinner out with your man! You want to look stunning, but you also want your fiancee to recognise you:)

2.) Put together a kit and keep it with your dress. Include items like scissors, safety pins, extra mascara, headache relief, a mini sewing kit, an extra pair of pantyhose, and anything else that might get you out of a bind while your getting ready on the day.

3.) Wear Sunscreen!! I can't stress this enough. And it doesn't matter what time of year your wedding day is. The sun is still there! And it will make you red and blotchy as the day goes on. Put it on after your morning shower and you're all set to avoid skin disaster photos.

4.) Eat! Don't skip breakfast on the day. It will only make you light headed and maybe a bit irritable. Check with your coordinator wherever you are getting ready and see if they can hook you up with some muffins or light bites to have in your preparation room. You're bridesmaids will appreciate it too!

5.) Don't lock your knees up while your standing at the alter. This especially goes for the Groom too! It is not unheard of that a groom just falls over in a faint because he cut off the circulation to his brain! Practice not locking your knees up while standing in a queue just about anywhere you go. You'll be surprised how much you do it on a daily basis.

6.) Break in your wedding shoes. Or even better, if you have a bridesmaid who wears the same size, let her break them in! Hehe, no seriously, wear them around the house a few times for even just an hour at a time. If there are sore spots that turn up, you can address them right away with some moleskin. If they seem a bit too slick on the bottoms, there are no-slip stick ons you can get. But don't mess up your first dance by putting no-slips on, give it a think.

7.) Have a good idea of the day's schedule, but keep it loose. Here's the thing, the day just goes so fast. But don't underestimate how long things take to happen. If you think you're just going to get married, leave the church and arrive at the reception in an hour, think again. Leave time for the "happiness factor." People want to hug you, congratulate you, throw petals on you.... Having a time line is a guideline. Don't worry on the day about being a little late. This is YOUR day, make it last.

8.) Get your nails done. Your hands are going to be in lots of images and you're going to have a stunning new ring on your finger! Check with a nail consultant on the best look for you. It might be a colour that complements your colour scheme, it might be a classic french mani or it might be strong gel overlays. If you have open toed shoes, consider a pedi too! Make it a fun day out with your mom and/or your bridesmaids:) But always refer back to tip number 1!

9.) Don't forget all the stuff you gotta do AFTER the wedding. Make a list of all the people who need to know your new name. The Post-Wedding days can be a little overwhelming too. Before the wedding, you may be taking time off work and putting all those little things aside. After the wedding, you may be going on honeymoon straight away. When you get back, reality will set back in. It will be easier to deal with if you have some lists. Writing things down is a great way to get it off your mind and feel a little less stressed

10.) Allocate some duties to your wedding party. Don't try to remember everything yourself! Let your Best Man be in charge of handing out vendor cheques on the day. Write out your envelopes and cheques a couple of days in advance and hand them over! Let your Maid of Honor be in charge of your dress and accessories. It's good if she can go to your final fitting and practice putting up your bustle. If you have a guest book, make one of your flower girls in charge of it. Kids love easy peasy duties to help you out. It gives them a feeling that they are helping make your day a big success.

Finally, relax and feel confident! You've done all your planning and hired the pros. On the day, kick back and enjoy it! If the starter comes out all wrong, don't freak. If your flower bouquet starts falling apart 3 hours in, it's done it's job. Smile, let go and enjoy! Your pictures are going to show how lovely and relaxed and most importantly, how IN LOVE your are. Let yourself shine and you will help your photographer create the memories of a great day!

If you can think of other ways to help couples make the most of their wedding day photography, put it in the comment section! We'd all love to hear some of your thoughts.