27 July 2008

2008 Watchet Carnival Parade

The 27th of July was the annual Watchet Carnival Parade. My talented husband managed to motorize a couch and went with a friend as Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World. My friend and I went as Carhop Girls. We had great fun! The day was perfect and the parade must have seen twice as many participants as last year. I had so much fun, I didn't take many pictures! It was difficult as I was on roller skates some of the time, and having been MANY years from my prime roller skating days, I was afraid to try to skate and shoot at the same time! So here's a few my husband and I took while we awaited the parade to begin. If there's an image you really like, just email me to order a print!

20 July 2008

Show at Cream Cafe, Minehead

Sarah, the new manager at Cream Cafe in Minehead has asked me to do another show for them in August! I'm very excited for the opportunity and have decided to do a very different theme than the last show, which was "Images of Santorini." This years show will have more environmental portraits, some action shots and a couple of landscapes. The theme is "Western United States." Why not come along to Cream Cafe, enjoy a salad and a coffee- enjoy the images! Cream is located in the Parade, Minehead, Somerset. All of the framed prints on display will be for sale, starting at just £20.00!! The show will go up on August 6 and run through September 2. See you there!

19 July 2008

Watchet Carnival Drag Queen Contest

Is there no end to the fun and madness in Watchet, Somerset, UK? NO! On 19 July 2008 at the Anchor Pub on Anchor Street was the official Watchet Carnival Drag Queen Contest. Young and Old, Sober and not so Sober, the locals supported the event as they always do. The winner? A lovely young lad whom you'll see on one of the parade floats! If you'd like to see more images of this event or would like a print of one of those shown here, just give me a ring or shoot me an email!



Cambridge, United Kingdom

My husband attended a work related course at Christ's College, Cambridge in mid July. I took the opportunity to tag along and see Cambridge for myself. Did you know there are 35 colleges there, 3 of which are still women only? I was told that some 90 Nobel Prize winners came out of Cambridge University. Wow. I'm impressed. It is absolutely awe inspiring to walk the streets and see all of the colleges. We also had a lovely time punting down the River Cam. I'm ready now to visit Oxford to see what all the competition is about!

Images of Watchet, Somerset

This year I've been doing some charity work for the Watchet Carnival Club. They are a great bunch of people and work very hard on all carnival events, held throughout the year. The two biggest events, the parade and the music festival, are being held on separate weekends this year. The parade will be 27.07.08 and the music festival will be over August bank holiday weekend, 22.08.08 to 24.08.08. Why not come on down and enjoy the pleasant village of Watchet? Here's some images of this lovely village! Find out more at http://www.watchetcarnival.org.uk/.

Sardinia, Italy

My husband and I went on a much needed short break to Sardinia, Italy. Although it was before the season technically started, we had a lovely time. The views from our hotel room were amazing, the weather was cool, but nice and we got a nice swim in! The people were very nice and I think I learned a little Italian.

Sardinia is an archeologists dream. There are bunches of ruins, many from the bronze age. We visited one called the Tomb of the Giants, pictured here. From wikipedia:
Giants' grave (Italian: Tomba dei giganti, Sardinian: Tumbas de sos gigantes) is the name given by local people and archaeologists to a type of Sardinian megalithic gallery grave built during the Bronze Age. They can be found throughout Sardinia, and so far 321 have been discovered.

Kelly and Jay's Engagement

Kelly and Jay actually already got married in the lovely state of Colorado a few months ago. Kelly is British and Jay is American. They will be holding a blessing ceremony in August and decided to get one of the fabulous Asuka Book album guest books made up. Instead of having a generic, boring book where guest just sign their thoughts, why not make it a fab, creative art book with images of the two of you, something you'll actually enjoy gazing at for years to come??!! Have a look at the layout for their guest book at http://www.faithstonephotography.com/events.php?from=4. You'll want one too!

For a limited time, engagement photo sessions are included at no additional charge to any package booked with Faith Stone Photography.

Katrina and Dave's Wedding

Katrina and Dave got married on a perfect May day at the Old Mill Hotel in Bath. Although Katrina was a bit nervous through the ceremony, it all went off without a hitch and Katrina and Dave had a beautiful ceremony. I know they put loads of work in to thier planning, and it showed! The flowers and cake were smashing- the table decor looked lovely- such attention to detail. Congratulations, guys! An album design can be seen on my website. http://www.faithstonephotography.com then click on View Your Event.

25 May 2008 Watchet Wheelbarrow Race

Absolutely unique! If it's not yet a worldwide famously known event, it will be soon. Great entertainment for spectators and kegs of fun for participants. For the first time in many years, all the entries actually finished the race! Forget the pub CRAWL, get your wheelbarrow skills up to par and join in next year's race!