17 February 2007

Our Maldive Holiday

My husband, Steve, and I had a wonderful holiday at Paradise Island in the Maldives. A needed break of sun, sand and sea greeted us when we arrived. We were told by previous visitors that there wasn't much to do, so be sure to bring a couple of books. So I bought a couple new ones, including one by my favorite author, Dean Koontz. As I dug in to the first chapter on the plane, however, I realized I had already read that one! If you know anything about my mother, you'll laugh that I'm becoming just like her!

My plan was to complete my PADI scuba certification while I was there, so I didn't mind that I now didn't have enough reading material. As it turns out, I was still a bit too jet lagged the day after our arrival when I attempted my first dive. I completely freaked out and I think the entire scuba centre chalked me off to the "looney" bin! One instructor reminded me that fear is all in your head on this one, and that I just had to "wrap my head around it." So that's what I did. I went back the next day, and the next, and the next. I didn't have time to do the complete certification, but I did manage the first step of aquiring "Scuba Diver" status, with a certificate and log book to show for it all!

Although many Maldives islands really do have nothing much to do besides relax in the water or on the beach, Paradise Island is not one of them. We were so busy, I barely had time for a couple rolls of images. And here's a new challenge, photographing the underwater world! I didn't do so good my first time around, but next time I'll be a better diver and I'll take some better gear down with me to record this fantastic new world I've discovered under the sea!

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