19 July 2008

Sardinia, Italy

My husband and I went on a much needed short break to Sardinia, Italy. Although it was before the season technically started, we had a lovely time. The views from our hotel room were amazing, the weather was cool, but nice and we got a nice swim in! The people were very nice and I think I learned a little Italian.

Sardinia is an archeologists dream. There are bunches of ruins, many from the bronze age. We visited one called the Tomb of the Giants, pictured here. From wikipedia:
Giants' grave (Italian: Tomba dei giganti, Sardinian: Tumbas de sos gigantes) is the name given by local people and archaeologists to a type of Sardinian megalithic gallery grave built during the Bronze Age. They can be found throughout Sardinia, and so far 321 have been discovered.

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