14 April 2010

Somerset Engagement, Leather Craftsmen Guest Book

I am so so SO excited right now, because I just finished, I must say, and at the risk of sounding boastful, THE MOST AMAZING guest book I have ever done. It's going to be a Leather Craftsmen, one of the best album makers in the industry. I've been with them since I started weddings and I will always offer these pieces of artwork because Leather Craftsmen has been around, for like, EVER, and so I know they will always be there for me.

The couple in question is not just any couple. When I first moved to the UK, I landed in Somerset. More specifically, Watchet. Now Watchet is kinda a funny place. They call it a Marmite town. You either love it or you hate it. We loved it. But I had to get my business off the ground and I knew that was going to take a while. So I got a job as a receptionist at a nail and beauty shop. That's where I met a lady named Felicity. She is a beauty therapist to the stars. I kid you not. And she is an absolute Rock Star. Her and the other girls taught me everything I needed to know about being English. Like what a "rubber" is. 'Cuz it's a different thing to an American. And like what "pants" are. 'Cuz that's different too....

Now my husband is a nuclear physicist. I know, right? I'm the artist and he's the sciencey like being. I believe in Aliens and he's not really sure about me. But I digress.

So my husband works with some really great people and one of them is this guy named James. He's quite handsome, but super duper shy. And he was single. And Felicity was single. So me being me, I thought, hey- let's get together and go fly kites! And that's what we did. Felicity got pretty flirtatious that day, which was a good sign. And as we walked back to our cars, James in some rather uncertain, yet certain terms (I know that's hard to understand, but I swear it went like that) advised me that he fancied Felicity. So I figured, Done Deal.

Long story short, they are now engaged to be married in June. I am pleased as punch. Now they're going to get this rockin' guest book from the engagement shoot we did at Bristol Zoo. It's going to be Cotton Candy pink leather with a Platinum Japanese book cloth stripe and their favorite image in a raised frame on the cover. It's going to be Rock Star material and I can't think of a better couple to have it!

I can't share much, just a little teaser, 'cuz this one's a surprise present!

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