21 May 2010

Essex Wedding Photographer Chats about Housekeeping

He doesn't say it, but I think my husband believes that the only time I clean the house is:
A. When I'm bored, I mean, really really bored
B. When it gets so bad you don't want to take off your shoes
C. When I have a consultation booked
D. After he mentions the house could use a cleaning
E. When we're having company around that I feel the need to impress (this really isn't very often, therefore, last on the list)

Well guess what! I just cleaned the house. Guess why? Well, I have a consultation tomorrow, of course!

So here's the thing. My husband and I have this sort of unspoken agreement. I always do the laundry, and he occasionally leaves a few bills in his trouser pockets. Because the second rule of Laundry 101 states (The first rule is that you MUST separate your whites- I don't care WHAT detergent you're using!)
If you find money in the washer or the dryer, it is yours!
Personally, I'm saving up for some Jimmy Choo. I'm not picky, really. Either shoes or a handbag. Or both. But in case I don't save up enough, it's going on my Christmas list too!

If you would like to help a worthy cause of helping keep my house clean, give me a ring and let's schedule a consultation. I try to spread my meetings out to once per week. That seems to be enough to keep everything tidy. My consultation tomorrow is for a May 2011 Essex wedding and they are super lucky 'cuz they will be the first to see my new Leather Craftsmen (http://www.leathercraftsmen.com) Guest Book sample that I made for my 19 June 2010 Somerset wedding.

Interest peaked? Well images of this guest book are coming soon. The book is a gift for some very special friends that just happened to also book their Somerset wedding photography with me. But if you really want to see it, come along 23 May 2010 to the Pontlands Park, Chelmsford, Essex wedding fair! I'll be there from 10.30 to 15.30.

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