05 November 2010

Friends Make Great Clients!

Wow. I recently got a little slack on keeping up with my blog. I feel like I let some people down. I mean, my last wedding was a dream job. They're friends first and became clients. It meant so much to me that they even considered me to document their wedding day. We went back and forth a bit to get the package just right, and it all worked out in the end. That's how it should be. Get the package YOU want.

Ross and Christy manage one of my favorite pubs in Watchet, Somerset. Here's the thing. There are quite a  few pubs in Watchet and it's hard to say which one is my favorite as we have friends that frequent any number of them. So I don't want to tell the world one pub is more favored over another because I really don't want to offend anyone. Pubs in Watchet, I think, are like moods. Sometimes I'm in the mood to go to the Anchor. Sometimes I'm in the mood to go to the London. But for the most part, The Star Inn was the easiest, closest to home, REALLY good ales and that warm comfy feeling one appreciates in a pub. Bonus is, Ross and Christy are great publicans! (And yes, Christy, your pepper sauce is still superior!!!)

Having said that, their wedding day did not disappoint. Ross made the cake and it was really clever. Christy's dress was amazing and her sister was THE most, so on top of it, helpful and excited person I've ever encountered at a wedding! She really made my job easy and big Kudos and thanks for that:)

The ceremony and reception were held at Raleghs Cross Inn, Exmoor, Somerset. Although I've done a wedding fair there and know the place, I'd never shot a wedding there. The team there were so great in helping me find my way around and organizing the day. Kudos to them!

Although we've relocated to Essex, I always love the opportunity to go back to Somerset to visit friends and shoot. It's outstandingly beautiful and there's never a shortage of shooting locations. This wedding, in particular, was a great event for all the reasons I stated, but also one more. This couple knows ALOT of people, as you can imagine. They kept their wedding a little more on the intimate side, though, and the reception grew in numbers. But it seemed to me that ALL the people there were genuinely happy and supportive of these two people getting hitched. It was gratifying, because I have a pretty good record of my couples still being together. I like that. It means they might have kids. It means they might call me to shoot their pregnancy, then their baby, then their family pics. But most of all, it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside that THESE sort of people are the ones that choose me to shoot their wedding.  The kind of people who are genuine. The kind of people who value their bonds with others. The kind of people like Ross and Christy. Thanks guys, and hope you have a great Mexican honeymoon! Vayas Con Dios.

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