06 December 2010

Essex Baby Bump Photography

This post is a long time coming and apologies to those who waited so long! See, I'm an American in England. Of course, England doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving- I mean, why would they? Although this American holiday is lost on a few Brits, I think many WOULD  like to have a similar holiday. But I digress so quickly. This is all leading up to my excuse as to why it took so long to blog this Baby Bump session. According to my excellent record keeping, I shot this the second week in October. So really, I have no excuses! There, now on to the shoot.

Cory is another American in England. Only she's now in Scotland and soon to go back to America. I met her when a coworker of my husband's brought her out to England for a week. She was young and very pretty, so naturally, I didn't really like her much at first. Hehe. Just kidding! We were at a mutual friend's house and Robert and I were outside chatting. I asked him about this girl he brought over and what was the scoop. Yeh, I know. Sounds like his mom, right? But being the perfect gentleman that he is, he voiced his opinions on the subject in a diplomatic way. I was like, whatever. YOU SHOULD MARRY HER! I mean, she wasn't going back to America to just hang out and wait. I guess he gave that advice some thought, 'cuz he married her. That was great for me, 'cuz I got a new friend with the deal. She's a great friend and I have been privileged to document many special moments in their lives. The most recent, of course, being Cory's first pregnancy. And WOW! it's a doozy. I never seen a 5'3" women with such a protrusion!

Cory, her husband Robert, Lily the Wonder Dog and little Miss Amelia are moving back to the good 'ole USA in January. They will be much missed. Here's a taste of what a Baby Bump photo session can bring. (And yes, I always get permission before sharing images.)

Faith Stone Photography can make collages like this into beautiful Essex Baby Bump wall art as framed prints, canvases or acrylics. Contact us for details.


Lucy Loves Fabric said...

Oh my! Oh my!!!

This is me officially contacting you for details!! I am in LOVE with this idea and am just over five months pregnant. My bump isn't too big yet, so I'd like to get a little larger for full impact. But would LOVE to know a list of prices etc...

Please email me: lucy@lucylovesfabric.com


Faith Stone McNitt said...

Thanks, Lucy. I'll email you some details!