20 January 2011

Christmas Wedding In Somerset

Don't you know, this is a long time coming! In all fairness, the majority of the Western World seems to shut down around the holidays. So I went ahead and took some time off too. I managed not to get the sickies that were going around, as my nephew and brother came for a visit from the states. We met up with some friends in Edinburgh and had a hoot of a time at Hogmanay. The day I put my relatives back on the plane, the sickies descended upon me full force! Timing is everything...

But enough about me, let's talk about this excellent couple who waited patiently for their images!
This is Ben and Louise. Louise found me at a wedding fair when I still lived in Somerset. By the time we got the chance to chat, I was half way moved to Essex. I explained my situation and that I don't charge additional for mileage anyway, so no worries that I'll be on the other side of the country. They must of really liked my photography, 'cuz they took it all in and put a contract in the mail.

You may have seen this couples engagement images last year. We had a great time in Dunster, Somerset shooting in the gardens and at the Railway Station. Of course, Ben told me that he's not photogenic. Like I haven't heard that before! Well let me tell you something, this couple shines from the inside out. They are natural, funny and full of spirit. And that, my friend, is what makes a great image.

Before their wedding date, the sky opened up and dumped snow all over this country. Snow like the UK has never seen before. Mind you I'm in Essex now and planning my trip to Somerset to photograph the event of a lifetime for this couple. So I call Louise a couple of days before the wedding and ease any worries she may have about me making it there. Hey, I'M FROM COLORADO! Say no more...

Although some guests didn't make it to this wonderful wedding, I'm blessed to have been a part of the magical day. Louise and Ben spent hours upon hours of planning and it showed in every detail. I can only imagine what memories they'll have and what stories they'll tell of the snowy Christmas wedding that they enjoyed. Their day was unique, thanks to Mother Nature and careful planning.

Rumor has it that they're going with a "Virgin White Kiss Wedding Book." I love this book, because it is bound with a seamless spread that lays flat. The leather is sumptuous and it's a meaty book to hold. The colour choice will compliment the snowy atmosphere of their day and bring it all together. See, I'm not just a photographer, I'm a designer. I want to think of everything my decade of experience allows me to and make the perfect product for my clients. Ok, ok. I only SUGGESTED this book. Of course, Louise (and maybe Ben) have the final word!

If you'd like to see more of this album layout and details about my photographic style, please have a gander at my website at Faith Stone Photography.

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