21 February 2011

Fun Essex Wedding Photography!

Getting married can be an expensive undertaking, as most of you know! A great way to save some cashola is to choose a wedding date during the week. There are discounts on almost every vendor for such a choice. This isn't the perfect decision for everyone, but if you're having a little bit more intimate wedding and you know all the perfect people will be able to join your perfect day during the week, go for it!

Tuesday, 8 February 2011 was a magical day for Keisha and Shaun. They exchanged rings at Prested Hall in Colchester, Essex. It wasn't even believable what good weather we had!

Keisha found me through a site that I advertise on. I responded to her inquiry with a rough estimate and the chance to look over my website to see if she liked my style of photography. That, I believe, is a very important start! If you don't like the photography, the price is meaningless. We scheduled a consultation and found a suitable package for them.

Turns out Shaun is in the Army. This prompted me to offer some bonuses to their package as a way of saying Thank You. Thanks to all the guys who make this country a safer and nicer place to live. Whether your in the American armed forces ('cuz I'm American,) the British armed forces or any other man or women who defends their country, hat's off to you!

On to the day: I can't even describe how much I laughed at this wedding. It was clear that everyone there was there for this couple. When I checked in with Keisha before she entered the ceremony, she was relaxed and OH SO READY to become Mrs. Wildney. While waiting for her to walk down the aisle, there was laughter and good hearted jibbing with Shaun and just the sense that everyone was relaxed and ready to have a great time. I thought to myself as I laughed along, what a great day this is going to be!

And indeed it was. For this blog post, I'm going to share more UNconventional shots that I took at this wedding. This couple is young, vibrant, alive and full of fun. Their friends and family were in the same spirit, so why not go with it? I believe I captured their day, their way.

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