13 June 2010

Roxwell, Chelmsford Wedding Photography

WOW. That's just the first thing that comes to mind when starting to blog about this wedding I had the pleasure of documenting yesterday in Roxwell, Chelmsford, Essex. WOW. What an awesome couple! And I'm not just saying that. For real. I had SOO much fun! That's when I start feeling a little guilty about loving my job so much. But then I remember how hard I've worked to get to where I am and just shoot like a rock star. Like there's no tomorrow.....

So on to the good part. Neil- well, he reminds me a little of Ben Stiller. Is that wrong? I don't know, he was just fun. And sweet, and cheeky. And a way lucky guy. 'Cuz then there's Rachel. One of the most stunning brides I've had to date. The dress was exquisite, her hair perfect, her bridesmaids ROCKED and I have to say, I nearly fell in love with her dad. Everyone was so great and full of genuine joy for this couple. I'm so happy for them and so excited to get working on these images. So here's a taster of just a few I picked out from the bunch.

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Faith Stone Photography said...

Words from the bride:
"Hiya Faith,
Had a sneaky look and they made me cry just looking at them - fabulous, we are so excited to see the rest.
Thank you so much for such lovely words & making our day just perfect.
Take care & speak soon.
Mr & Mrs Neil White"