21 June 2010

Tolland, Somerset Wedding

For Felicity and James:

There once was a man named Jimbo,
Who was living his life in limbo.
He was handsome & smart,
And his hair had no part,
But he had no one to share his gumbo.

There once was a girl called Flea.
She was beautiful & carefree.
She would act and sing,
But she had no ring,
She needed a husband to be.

A couple called Faith and Steve,
Had a plan up their sleeve,
Take the two for a day,
With some kites have a play,
And see what they could achieve!

Three years later there came day
In a church this couple would say,
"Till death do us part"
And it came from the heart.
I just know that's how it will stay:)

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