22 June 2010

Essex Photographer Guest Book

As promised, and not to overload you on this particular wedding, but here's the long awaited images of the new Leather Craftsmen guest book that I offer. It's a 6x9 3500 Series, Cotton Candy colour with ribbon and inset image, asian rice lining and gold foil text. Of course, there are many options when you order this book, but we chose this colour to match the couples bridal colours.  LOVE my Leather Craftsmen books. If you're interested, visit their website at http://www.leathercraftsmen.com.


David Willis said...

Beautiful Faith. Thanks for the LC mention. David

Lindsey said...

Faith, I love this book. I'm interested to know what one of the inside spreads looks like. Are their lines for the guest to sign on or do they just sign/write in the white space on each spread? THANKS for sharing!

Faith Stone Photography said...

Hi Lindsey, Thanks for visiting the blog! I have done lines in a guest book design before, but this one does not have lines. Guests sign in the faded out areas of the image or in the white space. For smaller weddings, I prefer this design. For larger weddings, I either suggest more pages, smaller images or lines.