20 August 2010

Essex Photographer in North Carolina, Senior Portrait

Jaseanda is my neice. She's the daughter of my half sister, Jackie, but lives with her grandmother in Florida.  Does it all sound complicated yet? Well, I won't make it too Jerry Springer, but she and her grandmother were visiting North Carolina, as were my husband and I. We went to N.C. after having visited my husband's family in Michigan. While I was Michigan, I photographed my niece, Megan. I mentioned this to Jaseanda and was happy to offer to do her Senior Portraits too.

Jazzy, her nickname, copes with a birth defect that causes her to have a slight limp and her right hand has limited use. She's a perky teenage girl though, full of chatter and silly things to say. Although she is a slow learner, she is about to get her Graduation Certificate next year and everyone is pleased as punch! Jazzy may not be awarded all the opportunities in life that many of us take for granted, but I think she will do the best she can. I feel honored to be able to help her grandmother out with the financial stress that often comes with being a Senior. In America, photographers often charge top dollar for this most popular coming of age photographic opportunity. Rightfully so, and I imagine I will charge much the same when I get back to the States some day and start doing more Senior Pictures. But right now, I'm building my portfolio for that time and getting to know how different it is to work with teenagers than it is to work with adults and babies. I also seem to have a knack, says my husband, with kids with learning difficulties. I foresee myself offering discounted rates to families with disadvantaged children who don't necessarily have the big bucks some have when it comes to hiring a professional to document their teen's most memorable years of their lives.

If you would like a wonderful compilation of your teenagers precious youthful days, give me a call for a quote. At the moment, I am using my regular Portrait Photography price list, which is very reasonable. I am located in Essex where I have both a small indoor and a huge outdoor playground to do pictures! I remember those days of my life, do you remember yours? Make sure your teen has some great photographic memories of the best years of their lives!! I offer framed pieces, acrylics and lovely albums of all sizes. Book soon and we can even put together Christmas cards and 2011 calendars in time!

Here's a few of my favorite of Jazzy, a serious, shy and VERY easy to work with model:

More Senior Portraits coming showcasing my niece, Megan!! In the meantime, Live, Love, Laugh. I'll take care of the memories....

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