05 March 2011

A Selection of Albums on offer from Essex Photography, Faith Stone Photography

I know I  just wrote a post on an album, but I just had a consultation with a couple who were gifted a customized album to use for their wedding. Although designing story book albums is my specialty, I understand that different couples have different desired products from their wedding photography. For that matter, every client has slightly different desires on how they'd like to use their images. And I think that's great! I'm recording moments in time. That's what I do. I do this for the client. That's what they hire me to do. I don't tell people what they should or must do with their images. But evidently, some photographers do. Just sayin'.

I thought I'd take a moment, however, to show you some images of the wide variety of albums that I offer. I offer a variety, well, because there are a wide variety of people out there. Some couples are having very traditional weddings and want a more traditional looking album. Some are having a funky groovy wedding and want a funky groovy album. I want my couples to have an album that compliments their style, their vision. For the most part, a wedding day is one of the most fantastic days in a person's life. (The honeymoon can be pretty special too:) Why shouldn't they have a fantastic album to match? Whether it's one of mine or they get prints for their special album, I'm just glad when they have a keepsake to share with the people in their world. That's what it's about.

The above album is from our Cameo Art Album collection.
These albums start at £549

The above album is from our Coffee Table Story Book collection.
These books start at £399

This album is part of our Couture line.
This line starts at £549

This album is part of our KISS album line.
They are high grain leather covered and available in punchy colours.
These albums start at £499

This album is from our Leather Craftsmen line.
There are a plethora of leather colours to choose from, as well as the option of text and images
inset in the cover. They start at £599

We also offer a selection of parent albums. 'Cuz parents want memory keepsakes too!
Visit the website at Faith Stone Photography.

If you'd like to find out more about our products watch our little video.

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