11 April 2011

Brides speak out on what they want from their photographer

I just read an interesting article on another blog about what brides want from their photographer. Seems today nearly 80% of (American) brides want a disc only package. This is up quite a bit from 6 years ago, when only about 20% were after the same thing. Seems the shift happened due to some frustration on the bride's part toward their experience with their photographer. Interesting concept, you might ask? I thought so. So a poll was done and this is what came up:

1. Brides were disappointed in how long it took to see their images. They were expecting to see them in days, not weeks! I'm glad to say, I've pretty much got that covered.  If you're on a social networking site, I'll give you several images straight away and usually have the rest up to your web gallery within a week!

2. Brides didn't like that the photographer presented so many images and didn't offer to help make the selections for the album. They want the expertise of the photographer to help them through the process. Oh good! I've got that covered too. Once your gallery is up, I predesign your first album draft. You then have the chance to view your images and make 2 full sets of changes which are included in your album price! I won't leave you hangin'!

3. Brides wanted to proof their album online. They've done the majority of their planning online and are surprised when they have to meet with their photographer so many times. After the wedding, things get busy, picking up where every day life had been put on hold. No worries. All album design approvals are done online with Faith Stone Photography. If you want to get together, I'm happy to, of course. But if life is just really busy for you, and the only time you have is your lunch break, then do it online!

This is all just part of the experience that I've been delivering for years. Now you know one of the differences between a full time professional and a weekend warrior. I strive to make your photography experience enjoyable and easy. So sit back, relax and enjoy your images!

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Faith Stone McNitt said...

My husband has reminded me that I should note who I'm referencing. So the poll was done by Zookbinders. You can view the original article here: http://www.zookbinders.com/blog/zookbinders/events/what-brides-want/