30 April 2011

A guest at the Royal Wedding

29 April 2011 was an amazing, yet grueling day for me. As an American living near London, it seemed only fitting to take the earliest train possible in to London to see the Royal Wedding. My husband, ever supportive, agreed to make the journey with me. So we set out on the 06:20 train from Burnham-On-Crouch, Essex to London Liverpool Street station. We jumped on the tube and headed to Green Park station. We walked and walked, only to be told at the entrance to the park that we wouldn't be able to get any further than the big screen in the park and that the area nearest the Palace was full and closed. I almost believed the guy, but my husband knows better. So we walked some more. And we ended up just to the side of Buckingham Palace. Then the wait began.

Not much happened. A few cars came and went. We listened intently to the radio as events unfolded and the description of the Alexander McQueen wedding gown was revealed. We were advised that both hats and fascinators were indeed still in style! We learned of the arrivals of Elton John, the Beckhams, dignitaries, politicians, family members, friends and royals. We got a description of Westminster Abbey and the hoards of people there. We passed the time, got an official brochure and held on to our precious spot.

The band came through, but on the other side of the roundabout, so we couldn't see much. Finally, the band came back around and everyone got in to place for the arrivals!

I switch to the longer lens! Many shots done with my camera held up to get over everyones heads!

The Bride and Groom arrived on the balcony first.

The rest of the Wedding party arrive.

The long awaited kiss!

My favorite moment, just after the kiss.

Then the WWII planes and RAF fly by.

I am both honored and pleased to have been able to attend such a momentous occasion.

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