23 April 2011

Wallasea Island, Essex and Vintage Spring Samples

As a photographer living in Burnham-On-Crouch, Essex, I have leaps and bounds of great locations to scout and think about. Now I'll be the first to admit, I'm no landscape photographer. This tends to be very hard to understand to my husband, who thinks any kind of photographer should be able to take great landscape photographs. The thing is, I got my degree from the Art Institute of Colorado. I studied Ansel Adams and his Zone System. I get when a landscape image is great. I don't see greatness like that in any landscape image I've ever taken. (Except maybe a couple in Santorini, Greece- and oh!- I have some nice ones from a visit to Cambridge too.) I DO however, love to work with people. Now put a living being in a landscape and I'm happy as a hamster!

Regardless of these facts, we decided to take the dogs on a little boat excursion to Wallasea Island. It was the first boat ride EVER for our 2 fearless friends, and, per usual, it was a bit of a challenge for Molson. (He's our golden retriever.) These 2 have been in cars, on planes, in parades and all sorts. They are real troupers and always up for an adventure. So we piled on the boat and went to the other side of the Crouch River. I took my Nikon D2X with my 35-80mm lens.

I don't actually think these images are  over the top thrilling, but I do love the textures! Turns out this island is mostly farm land, so there really isn't much to see. We did, however, have a wonderful walk in the sunshine and for Molson and Zuzu, that's the best!

So I thought I'd take a couple of images and show the before and after of what I can do to add a vintage touch to them. Vintage seems to be all the rage right now and I love the looks. It's not for everybody though, but I thought I'd take a stab of showing you the possibilities.

And for the finale, to keep things interesting and a little bit racy... Butterflies procreating!

Give me your thoughts on the Vintage look. Do you likey? Do you think it's a bit too trendy?

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